1 Nov

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19 Sep

Photo: Foods that helps to fight DIABETES...</p>
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The Nutrients In Green Barley

.*11 times the calcium in cow’s milk,

*5 times the IRON in Spinach

*7 times the vitamin C in oranges

*2 times the Beta Carotine in Carrots

*80mg of Vitamin B12 per 100grams

*Superoxide Dismutase:Ang pangunahing trabaho ng antioxidant na ito ay alisin ang mga toxins o dumi

*Binabago at inaayos din nito ang ang DNA na mga luma at nanghihinang cells sa katawan.Ito rin ang tumutulong upang makaiwas sa iba’t-ibang klase ng sakit tulad ng kanser.


*2″O-GIV (glycosyisovitexin)-Isa ito sa mga pinakamabisang antioxidant na nakita pa lamang sa Green Barley na may mataas na antas ng Vitamin E.

*Tumutulong ito na makapag-supply ng oxygen sa katawan ng isang taong maraming nainom na alchohol o alak upang maiwasan ang pagsakit ng ulo at magkaroon ng hangover

*P4D1- Ang enzymes na ito ay may kakayahang magproduce ng good cells sa reproductive organ,kaya’t malaki ang maitutulong nito sa mga may irregular menstruation at sa mga babaeng di magkaanak.

*CHLOROPHYLL (liquid Oxygenated Sunshine)

*Malakas na Detoxifying Agent para sa atay.

*Nkakatangal ng Carbon Dioxide at Carbon Monoxide.

*Nakakabawas ng Cholesterol,Triglycerides at ibang Blood Lipids.

*May antioxidant properties.

*Nakakapag stimula sa production ng tissues.

*Nakakatangal ng pilat ng baga.


*SOLUBLE FIBER- Nakakatulong sa pagmetabolisa ng cholesterol,carbohydrates,at nakapagpapababa ng cholesterol level sa dugo.

*INSOLUBLE FIBER-  Nakakapagbigay ng kalusugan sa ating digestive tract para maiwasan ang colon cancer.


Ang pag-gamit ng BARLEY o SEBADA bilang pagkain ay nagsimula pa noong unang panahon.Napag-alaman ng mga dalubhasa na isa ito sa mga halaman at uri ng Damo na may kakayahang magbigay ng tama at halos lahat ng nutrisyon na kailangan ng ating  katawan. Ayon na rin sa pagsusuri ng mga Agronomist, ang BARLEY ay ginagamit na noong 8OOO B.C pa ng mga Griyego,Romano,Tsino, at Ehipto sa pagpapalakas ng kanilang katawan. Sa banal na Aklat (holy Bible) ay nakasaad ang isang kwento ng pag-gamit na Sebada o Barley..

“JOHN 6: 5-10- ……”threre is a lad here,which hath five Barley loaves,and two small fishes”……

“Deuteronomy 8:7-9…..”for the LORD  thy God bringeth thee into a good land…..A land of wheat, and Barley, and vines……”


*Add water up to the top of the label.

*Shake well until contents completely dissolve.

” NEVER USE HOT WATER”- it will destroy live enzymes such as S.O.D.,Peroxide,etc.

*Recommended to be taken on an EMPTY STOMACH at least 20 min.before breakfast or 2 hours after any meal

* Keep it tightly close. Refrigerate after opening or when mixed with water.

*Must be consumed within a week to avoid spoilage.


*30ml. = 2 caps for teens/adults once a day (takip ng bote ang pantakal)

* 15ml = 1 cap for kids once a day

* 0.5 to 1ml of dropper for Babies once a day

* TAKE 3x a day for those who have HEALTH PROBLEM, or 1 bottle per day.

NOTE: Everyone is suggested to drink water at least 8 glasses a day and at least 15min.of exerzise.This must be included to our daily routine in our life..

*Green Barley is effective in combating Dengue cases by increasing the number of platelets in the patients blood system and more importantly,strengthening the patients immune system.

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18 Sep

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18 Sep

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5 Sep


1kl santol

1/2 liter non-pure cocomilk

1/2 liter pure coconut milk

1/4 kl anchovies fish(bagoong alamang)

1/4 kl pork or chicken stripped

2 med size onion

5cloves garlic

3 pieces red pepper(not bell pepper)

2 pieces green pepper(not bell pepper)


Peel 1kl santol and remove the seeds.Boil until tender.Drain and let it cool.Use vegetable chopper

to make santol finely chopped.Use clean cloth for squeezing chopped santol.The juice must be extract

so that the sourness of santol will lessen.


Saute garlic,onion,red pepper,anchovies fish for 3min by constant mixing.put the pork or chicken stripped.

After 5min pour non-pure coconut milk.Let it boil for 10min or more by constant mixing.Then put santol

in the pan.Cook it  in a medium fire until coconut milk simmer.Mix.Then pour the pure coconut milk in

the pan,mix and cook for 10min.Garnish it on top the chopped green pepper.Serve.





9 Aug

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I’m so EXCITED with My Newly created Blog site

2 Aug

Yes guys, I couldn’t even believe that me,myself can have my blog site..but because of my seminar with our countrymen Carl Ocab who was

known as superkid blogger and with the help of who was very friendly for us who were new in this area I suddenly got my

blog may wonder why I’m so amazed with this..because if you could only know that I was born and grown up in a very far from the

city where technologies was not yet reach..born from the year of 1965 in our place only battery operated radios we have..In 1994 we move to

manila city,where we got a 12 inches television black and white..we are so happy to have it..

To make story short, with this generation with a very high technology to our generation is so exciting for us,at least we were

not left behind..and I appreciate this much..

I want to have more ideas,more knowledge and information through blogging..thank you